Innovative New Hive Design Aims to Minimize Stress in Bees

Innovative New Hive Design Aims to Minimize Stress in Bees

Take a moment to imagine life as a honey bee. You spend the bulk of your days working tirelessly to harvest pollen and then taking it back to your hive to turn into delicious, nutritious food for your colony. It’s a simple life – one that is, for the most part, pretty quiet. Every now […]

Historic California Drought Hinders Honey Production

Historic California Drought Hindering Honey Production

A decade ago, California was the number-one honey producing state in the nation. Today, California honey accounts for less than 10 percent of America’s annual honey production. This worrisome decline is due in large part to the record-breaking drought that has been ravaging California for the last four years.   In January, Governor Jerry Brown […]

Research Provides New Insight into Health Benefits of Honey

Research Provides New Insight into Health Benefits of Honey

Beekeepers have long understood that the honey produced by their winged workers is more than just a sweet treat, but now scientists are finally listening up and taking note of the remarkable properties of honey as well. Studies at a number of leading research universities have found that honey harbors all sorts of potential health […]

A Sweet Gift for Mother’s Day

A Sweet Gift for Mother’s Day

Your mother has done a lot for you over the years – indulged your passing interest in taxidermy, patched up wounds like an army field medic, guided you through your fair share of heartbreaks. This Mother’s Day, why not treat the most important woman in your life to a gift that’s as sweet as she is? […]

Would You Consider Honey Cleansing?

  These days, it seems as though everyone is obsessed with their beauty products. For instance, we’re often willing to spend obscene amounts of money on creams, cleansers, masks – you name it, all in hopes of having a glowing, gorgeous complexion. But before you go ahead and spend your entire paycheck on these types […]

The Role Marshall’s Farm Honey Can Play in Ramadan Traditions

  This upcoming Saturday, June 28, 2014 marks the first day of Ramadan. For those who are unfamiliar, Ramadan is a Muslim tradition that dates back to the beginning of Islam and is centered on the practice of fasting for an entire month. That’s right, from this Saturday all the way until Monday, July 28th, […]

Honey is the Perfect BBQ Sauce Secret Ingredient!

  The summer season is so close, we can almost taste it! No really – with all of the great cookouts going on around the country, we can actually taste it! While everyone has their own favorite part about summer cookouts, for us, it’s all about the BBQ. Did you know that honey actually makes […]

The Drought for Honey Bees

  We are all familiar with the common needs for water, such as crop growth, fruit trees and cattle but we often forget about our buzzing friend, the honeybee! This year has been a dry one for honey makers and though beekeepers and honeybees have their own defined set of struggles, adding a drought to […]

Honey to Celebrate the Honeys

  Spring has sprung and all over the world, couples are thinking about tying the proverbial knot. So if you and your honey are among the many who are currently immersed in wedding plans galore and are set on hosting a reception after the ceremony, it just so happens that we have a great idea […]

Why that Jar of Honey will Bee Lasting You For Quite a While

  Did you know that there are very few foods that can remain perfectly preserved indefinitely?  Foods like salt, sugar and dried rice can all be used years upon years after first being purchased.  However, no one is really going to want to open up a container of any of these foods and just dig […]