Tell Allergies to Buzz Off!

How Local Honey can Provide Allergy Relief - Local California Honey - Marshall's Farm Honey

  If you happen to be one of the privileged few who don’t suffer from the side effects of allergies, we encourage you to thank your lucky stars right this minute. Those of us who do have to live with the burden will tell you that there is no greater misfortune than having to deal […]

Why Athletes Choose to go for the Sweet Honey Gold!

Eating Honey can Enhance Athletic Performance - Marshall's Honey

  Athletes all over the world will spend countless amounts of money on performance-enhancing drinks and supplements, not even realizing that their secret weapon may already be resting right behind their cupboard doors. Back in September of 2001, the U.S. National Honey Board reported the positive effects of honey on various athletes in three clinical […]

The Amazing Beauty Benefits of Honey that Everyone’s Buzzing About!

  More traditionally, the majority of us regard honey as a sweet and delicious complement to some of our favorite foods and beverages – or even on its own for that matter.  What so many people fail to realize however is how amazing honey can be without even having to consume it!   Men and […]