It’s National Honey Month at Marshall’s!

It's National Honey Month at Marshall's!

National Honey Month has arrived! That means we’ll be spending this entire month celebrating our favorite, sweet, delicious natural honey – homegrown and made right here in California   Did you know that there are over 300 varieties of honey found in the United States alone?   Here at Marshall’s, we’ve taken a handcrafted approach […]

Research Provides New Insight into Health Benefits of Honey

Research Provides New Insight into Health Benefits of Honey

Beekeepers have long understood that the honey produced by their winged workers is more than just a sweet treat, but now scientists are finally listening up and taking note of the remarkable properties of honey as well. Studies at a number of leading research universities have found that honey harbors all sorts of potential health […]

Allergy Season is in Full Swing – Give the Gift of Honey

Using Local California Honey for Allergy Season | Marshall's Farm Honey

  As a California resident who suffers from allergies, you truly know the struggle that arises throughout January with the distribution of pollen. The tree pollination is in full swing, leaving many miserable for days or weeks. The pollen that comes from trees native to the west coast stays airborne which makes daily activities very […]

Tell Allergies to Buzz Off!

How Local Honey can Provide Allergy Relief - Local California Honey - Marshall's Farm Honey

  If you happen to be one of the privileged few who don’t suffer from the side effects of allergies, we encourage you to thank your lucky stars right this minute. Those of us who do have to live with the burden will tell you that there is no greater misfortune than having to deal […]