Historic California Drought Hinders Honey Production

Historic California Drought Hindering Honey Production

A decade ago, California was the number-one honey producing state in the nation. Today, California honey accounts for less than 10 percent of America’s annual honey production. This worrisome decline is due in large part to the record-breaking drought that has been ravaging California for the last four years.   In January, Governor Jerry Brown […]

Why Our Bees are Not Just For Making San Francisco Natural Raw Honey?


We’re in the honey business, so we understand the importance of bees. For a lot of people they hate bees. They’d rather not have to deal with them at all and might be happy if they didn’t exist. The fact of the matter is bees play a huge role in our lives, even those who […]

Honeybees Play Large Role In Almond Pollination

  Almond pollination usually relies on wild bees and other species to pollinate and breed.  New studies show that honeybees are playing a larger role in the pollination process and have more of an effect on almond pollination when other bees are present. California’s total acreage for almond orchards now reaches 800,000, and each acre […]