A Sweet Gift for Mother’s Day

A Sweet Gift for Mother’s Day

Your mother has done a lot for you over the years – indulged your passing interest in taxidermy, patched up wounds like an army field medic, guided you through your fair share of heartbreaks. This Mother’s Day, why not treat the most important woman in your life to a gift that’s as sweet as she is?



Orange Blossom Honey

Our bees buzzed all the way to Fresno to bring us one of our most popular varietal blends. This honey has twice been named the “best take on this variety in America.” The bright floral citrus scent of orange blossom honey makes it great for baking and glazing. For an especially decadent delight, drizzle it over vanilla ice cream, top with fresh fruit, and enjoy.

Blackberry Honey

The sweet nectar of summer, this honey was drawn from the wild thickets of California’s fruit country. The delicate fruit flavor profile of this rich golden honey pairs nicely with a soft, smoky cheddar and fresh apricots.

Lavender Infused Honey

Take a deep breath of spring and let the gentle aroma of lavender wash over you. Now take that familiar fragrance and taste it in your favorite natural honey. We harvest the lavender straight from our very own Flying Bee Ranch and then spend weeks extracting its essence to create this lavender infused honey. Enjoy this floral nectar straight off the spoon, or blend it into a rich vinaigrette dressing for salads.

Want to learn more about all the varieties available at Marshall’s Natural Farm Honey? Browse our entire inventory here, or give us a call today for more information.

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