Birth Traditions – Using Honey


Organic HoneyThe use of honey following the birth of a newborn is a custom used all over the world in various cultures, religions and countries. Among Hebrews, honey was the first nutriment to touch the lips of a newborn. In fact, Calvin writes in Isaiah, Ch. IX, that, “the Jews to this day, give their infants a taste of honey and butter before they suck.”


Today, the Galician Jews will place a piece of honeycomb into the cradle before the infant is placed into it. In other cultures, fathers of the newborn will follow the same type of tradition or ritual, touching honey to the newborns lips. As written on, “During Hindu birth ceremonies, after a male infant is born and the umbilical cord is severed, the father touches the lips of the son with honey taken from a golden vessel and applies it with a golden spoon, at the same time giving the child its name.”


The traditional use of honey in birth is common all across the globe from cultures in Greece and Germany to the areas of India and Scotland. “Be thou as sweet as this honey.”


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