Custom Gift Baskets

If you are struggling to find ideas of what to give as a gift or corporate thank you, a custom gift basket is a wonderful idea.  We specialize in creating custom gift baskets for individual and corporate gift-giving year-round.  Gift baskets are great because they contain a variety of items.  The recipient can sample a bunch of different items, instead of getting one specific type of thing.  A themed gift basket is a great way to show appreciation.  Whether it’s saying thank you to someone who helped you or giving it to a business that extended their service for you around the holidays. We especially sell a lot of baskets for the Jewish New Year which begins Sept. 15th/16th and ends with observance of Yom Kippur on the 26th of September. In fact, “May your year be sweet like apples dipped in Honey” is the New Year’s greeting for the year 5773….thus the special, save 5% when you order $57.73 or more on our site through the end of September.  Rosh Hashanah, another Jewish holiday, is also a big time for honey.


One of our gift baskets for example, is filled with 7 sweet gifts: A Sweet Sage Honey Bear, A Collection of our most popular honeys (how many depends on your price point), our fabulous Mix-Ins, Honey Preserves, Honey Straws & All topped off with a sweet Honey Dipper.  We can create custom baskets with a variety of different items.  If there is something you specially want to include, give us a call, and we’ll put something together.   Even if you need more than one basket, we can accommodate a larger sized order.

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