Find Us on These Popular Barter Networks

Find Us on These Popular Barter Networks

Interested in purchasing some of the natural honey products from Marshall’s Farm for your small business? We participate in two popular barter networks that allow small business owners to exchange goods without spending their hard-earned cash. These networks are designed to help businesses increase their profits by trading surplus products for other products they might need more of. Learn a little more about each of these networks below!


International Monetary Systems (IMS)

The IMS network includes roughly 16,000 members in cities all over the country. According to the organization’s website, IMS “helps you trade what you have, for what you need.” IMS uses “trade dollars” that are equivalent to the value of the US dollar, allowing business owners to exchange their goods for other products of comparable value.

ITEX Corporation

ITEX is a publicly traded company that operates under a very similar principle as IMS. Instead of “trade dollars,” this network uses “ITEX dollars” to facilitate cashless exchanges between business owners. ITEX has been in business for more than 30 years, and its network extends across both the US and Canada. It also offers a convenient mobile app that gives business owners 24/7 access to its barter network.

If you participate in either of these barter networks and you’d like to start exchanging goods with Marshall’s Farm, you can email your orders to To learn more about any of our natural honey products, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today.

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