Honey Gifts For Christmas And Hanukah


The Holidays are quickly upon us and gifts are flying off the shelves in stores all across the country. Thankfully, Marshall’s Honey has plenty of options for gifts and baskets for two of the major holidays this time of the year. If you have a honey lover in your family or a friend who can’t go without a sweet addition to their tea or favorite foods, then we have something for everyone.


Christmas – Any of our honeys are great options to give to other people, but we also have great Christmas baskets to give to a boss, co-worker, employee, family member or friend. Take our Christmas Red Gift Basket for example. “This bright red basket box is filled with an assortment of tasty sweet gifts: A Sweet Sage Honey Bear, A Sampler jar of our incredible Orange Blossom Honey, a party favor jar of our Wild Blackberry Honey, a pack of 6 Honey Hazelnut BonBons, a 12 pack of Christmas Honey Straws & a jar of our incredible Mix-Ins.”


Maybe you’re cooking a honey glazed ham for Christmas day and need the perfect sweet tasting glaze to use.  Choose from our wide assortment of honeys to make the best glaze you have ever had.


Hanukkah – Honey is very important in the Jewish culture and you can find plenty of honey treats during Hanukkah. Try some Hanukkah honey puffs, or Hanukkah honey cake. Maybe you’re looking to get a Happy Honeykah gift basket for a friend. “This basket is filled with 8 items, one for each night of Hanukah: The Judaica Theme Basket is wrapped in cellophane & topped off with a big blue ribbon and a Honey Dipper.”



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