The Significance of Honey in India

The Significance of Honey in India

Honey has a long-standing reputation as a cure or aide in relieving symptoms of common ailments. Pure, natural honey not only tastes sweet, but it can overturn those icky feelings we get when not feeling well, rejuvenating our skin, and battling allergies.


Honey is produced just about anywhere, but India specifically, is widely known for making honey because of their fertile soil, San Francisco Organic Honeyplentiful sunshine and a substantial supply of water. Although there’s no research to support this, India “claims to be the birthplace of the honeybee.”


The Indian population relates honey to everything sweet and living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. In ancient Indian history, the Hindu “believed that whoever ate honey would become strong, rich, happy and wise, and that it would improve not only ones appearance, but would influence even the appearance of one’s offspring.”


Aside from using honey in making food, Indians feel strongly in using honey in medicinal remedies, just as we do. Indians have a drink called “Madhuparka”, which is a combination of honey and curds. At religious ceremonies, Indians drink it for “luck, glory, power, and for the enjoyment of food…”


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