Honey Straws For Trick Or Treat


Hard candy, chocolate bars and taffy pieces are the usual treats to give out on Halloween and not surprisingly the kids love them.  Sometimes people are looking for an alternative treat and honey straws are a great option.  Honey Stix, as they are sometimes called, can be enjoyed in many ways.  Kids of all ages love them.  Grown up kids love them too.  They are a great lunchbox snack, an office snack, an energy booster for athletes, and they are wonderful to serve with tea or coffee.  We have 22 flavors to choose from, including fruits, natural honey flavors, and unique ones like root beer.


Order a case of 600 or 1200 Honey Straws and get a discount off the single bundle price.  Choose 12 bundles to complete the case.  You can hand these out to kids at the door or use them at a Halloween party.  Honey Straws make great party favors.  Choose your theme colors for a party or special event.  For the true honey lovers we have the honey straw pack with natural gourmet honeys featured. Our 12-pack assortment of several different natural gourmet honeys in a straw is truly a gourmet sweet.


The assorted flavors like pina colada, apple, or cinnamon are kosher and come in bundles of 50.  Give kids something different that still tastes sweet like candy.


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