Tell Allergies to Buzz Off!

Tell Allergies to Buzz Off!


If you happen to be one of the privileged few who don’t suffer from the side effects of allergies, we encourage you to thank your lucky stars right this minute. Those of us who do have to live with the burden will tell you that there is no greater misfortune than having to deal with stuffiness, itchy eyes and endless sneezing that go along with having allergies. Not to mention all of the money that we spend on over-the-counter pills and immunology injections. To all of our allergy-inflicted friends out there: we feel your struggle – and we may just have a solution.


By now most all of you have become familiar with the many different benefits that go along with using or consuming honey. What you may not already know however is how raw and local honey can help to alleviate you from your allergy pains. Consider this for a second; when you’re living in an area where pollen flies like crazy during the springtime, honeybees are likely to collect it as they gather their honey. From there, it makes its way to makes its way to Marshall’s Farm, where we deliver it to you unfiltered.


Now we all know that when you’re overexposed to the same allergens, our symptoms kick into high gear. However, when you are living in an area where the same pollen you see in the air is also in your jar of honey, eating it can actually act as an immune booster. In fact, you are encouraged to consume at least a couple of teaspoons worth of this honey a day for several months before pollen season. While this may seem strange and the thought of eating pollen may be unappetizing, keep in mind the amount of pollen you’ll find in a jar of raw honey is small and very manageable. The greatest part about all of this is the fact that the results of this over time are comparative to that of getting a whole series of allergy immunization shots. The only difference is that it’s easier, pain-free and much less expensive.


If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay area or nearby in one of the other counties our reach extends to, we suggest that you browse through our inventory of raw, local California honey. We even have a number of allergy relief honeys that were specifically packaged with this purpose in mind!  Just a spoonful of our delicious honey a day can make a world of difference when it comes to sending those allergens packing!


(Posted by Helene Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Honey)


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  1. Please forward any documentation, i.e., scientific studies which may support the theory that local honey is good for your allergies.

    Thanks for your help.


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