Sweeten Up Your Valentine’s Day!


February 14th is quickly approaching and that means one thing: it is time to spoil your “honey”! Year after year, those in love exchange chocolates, roses and even jewelry in honor of showing one another how much they are loved and appreciated. This year, why not show your significant other how loved they truly are by treating them to something truly unique and really sweet – honey!


Pure California-Local Honey for Valentine's Day | Marshall's Farm Honey

Fill your honey-bun’s heart and cupboard with our delicious jars of pure, raw honey. The honey is not only available in bear-y cute teddy bear jars, but is as sweet and tasty as you could ever imagine! Present a variety of our signature honey jars to your love and spend the evening baking tasty, honey-filled delights!


Honey gift baskets or sampler packs are also bee-autiful options if you can’t decide on just one Valentine’s Day treat – plus they’re a great way to sample different types of honeys, and we bet your sweetie will even let you try some! Looking for something a little extra special? Our naturally infused California-local honeys are the most ideal choice! Whether it’s lavender infused honey or your loved one is nuts for coconut, these jars will ignite all of their taste buds for sure!


Say to your sweetie, “BEE MINE” this Valentine’s Day with organic and gourmet honey straight from the West coast. Just give us a buzz so we can make this Valentine’s Day unlike any other!


(Posted by Helene Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Honey)


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