These DIY Beeswax Crafts are Perfect for the Holidays!

These DIY Beeswax Crafts are Perfect for the Holidays!

Looking for unique DIY crafts to spread some holiday cheer this year? Handmade beeswax crafts are a creative and affordable choice! Here are a few of our favorite beeswax craft options to try.

Lip balm

Store bought, name brand lip balms can leave an unpleasant, waxy feeling on your lips. Beeswax on the other hand, although it is a type of wax, will leave you with a smoother, less greasy sensation thanks to its natural properties. Choose your favorite scents and use them as stocking stuffers for friends and family!

Lotion bars

Beeswax not only has hydrating properties that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, but it also naturally blocks UV rays, making it a great sunscreen option. Many people are sensitive to chemical ingredients in store bought lotions and sunscreens, and some natural products aren’t as effective. Beeswax lotion is gentle on the skin, but every bit as effective as its store-bought counterparts.

All natural perfume

Beeswax feels great on your skin and smells good too! In its natural solid form beeswax is a lighter alternative to the harsh liquid perfumes you typically find at the mall. This would make a perfect gift for any loved one who’s scent-sensitive.


Ornaments are staples for holiday décor, and beeswax is perfect for crafting springtime-themed ornaments, from flowers to butterflies and more. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand crafting and carving, making beeswax ornaments is a great place to start!

Here at Marshall’s Farm we are proud to sell pure, all-natural beeswax that’s perfect for your next DIY project. Place you order today, or give us a call to learn more!

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