Allergy Season is in Full Swing – Give the Gift of Honey

Allergy Season is in Full Swing – Give the Gift of Honey


As a California resident who suffers from allergies, you truly know the struggle that arises throughout January with the distribution of pollen. The tree pollination is in full swing, leaving many miserable for days or weeks. The pollen that comes from trees native to the west coast stays airborne which makes daily activities very hard for those who suffer from itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and congestion. If you or your loved one aches from the seasonal allergies brought on by pollen, there may be some relief – honey.


The local honey contains trace amounts of the pollens that you are used to struggling with during the harsh allergy season.  If you introduce these pollens to your body by eating local honey, your body will build up a resistance to these bothersome pollens.  Many of our honey fans have gone out of our way to let us know that using our local honey has brought them much relief from the symptoms caused by pollen allergies.  In many cases these honey fans have not had to use allergy medication after including local honey in their daily diet.


For this reason, our local natural honeys make a great gift for your Valentine who struggles with seasonal pollen allergies. Looking for a Valentine’s Day present or perhaps a “Just Bee-cause” gift? Our Honey Gift Baskets make sweet heartfelt gifts to cure the cough and relieve the itchy eyes and scratchy throat of your beloved! You can choose from our pre-packaged gift baskets or build one on your own! Most of our baskets can be filled with a variety of honeys, our honey preserves and mix-ins!  All this while you are saying “Bee My Valentine!”


Put those allergies to bed this year and give the gift of honey for your honey!


(Posted by Helene Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Honey)


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