Using Eucalyptus To Fight Allergies


In an earlier blog post we talked about using honey to fight allergies.  Today we want to dive in a little further and talk about how eucalyptus specifically can be used to prevent allergic reactions in a variety of different forms including honey.


The big thing with eucalyptus is the oil that comes from the plant.  The trees are native to Australia and Tasmania but have been seen in other parts of the world including California.  Originally the oil was extracted from the trees and used as a form of medicine by Aborigine tribe members.    Since then it has evolved and the oil has been used for a variety of purposes including cleaning urinary catheters. Eventually it was discovered it had strong antibacterial properties. The University of Maryland Medical Clinic later discovered that eucalyptus oil acts as an expectorant, which means it helps loosens phlegm in the respiratory passages.


For allergies the oil can help fight in different ways.  For symptoms like coughing, sneezing, or sore throats, most over the counter remedies like syrups and lozenges include eucalyptus oil in them as a main ingredient.  You can also place oil drops into a vaporizer or inhalant to loosen phlegm.  Mixing in honey made with Eucalyptus into tea, or different drinks may also help fight allergies.  In California, during the winter months and early spring, Eucalyptus-Acacia honey is the honey to use for allergy relief for pollen allergies.


Another popular way to help prevent allergies is to eucalyptus oil in washing sheets, linens and towels.  The oil will kill dust mites.  Mixing it in with laundry detergent will help this process and make your home more comfortable free of allergens.


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