Why Do So Many Traditions Use Honey?

Why Do So Many Traditions Use Honey?

What may shock some people is the fact that a lot of different traditions and customs use honey. It doesn’t matter what religion, background or part of the world you come from, honey has found a place into almost all cultures. Take right now for example.  Jewish people are celebrating another Jewish New Year in Rosh Hashanah, and once again, the use of honey to dip apples is being celebrated across the globe. The night before the New Year, an apple is dipped in honey and eaten since fruit and honey symbolize prosperity and peace.



Aside from Jewish tradition, honey has become a sweet custom for other religions as well. In early Christian lore, honey was thought to purify the tongue from sin. “When the grace of the Holy Spirit bathes us, it fills us with honey and butter equally. Honey falls from above, butter is drawn from the milk of animals, so honey is from the air, butter from the flesh.” Even Hindus Organic San Francisco Honeyand Persians have found the use of honey beneficial during their services. They considered honey a sacred substance, a divine food, a cleanser and purifier.



Honey has been found throughout history to have a major influence on culture. Through time, rituals involving birth, marriage and death have all been found to have used honey in some way, shape or form.  Perhaps the main reason so many traditions use it is because honey, and the producers of honey, the bee, have been closely connected.  Perhaps the natural and sweet taste of honey instantly draws comparisons to good fortune, luck and bounty. That’s an easy thing to connect with and pass on for years to future generations. There are simply too many to list here, but hopefully we can tackle some of the interesting traditions on our blog in the near future.

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