Why Our Bees are Not Just For Making San Francisco Natural Raw Honey?

Why Our Bees are Not Just For Making San Francisco Natural Raw Honey?

We’re in the honey business, so we understand the importance of bees. For a lot of people they hate bees. They’d rather not have to deal with them at all and might be happy if they didn’t exist. The fact of the matter is bees play a huge role in our lives, even those who don’t like bees or honey. (How could you not!)


You might remember the lesson in school about food chains. Our teachers taught us how every animal and organism is important in the food chain, and if you eliminate one, you affect the entire group. Well the same goes for bees. They play one of the most vital roles in human’s food chains, and that extends well beyond the honey we love and the natural honeys we make here in San Francisco or California.


Pollination is key in our society to grow and share the produce we eat every day. Fruits and vegetables rely on bees to pollinate and reproduce, providing humans a food source we need to survive. When we eliminate the bees, the cost of this process goes up and only gets passed on to the consumer.


Unfortunately, more and more bees are being eliminated, but this doesnt have to happen. Take a look at this infographic below, which visually shows just how important bees are. They also provide some wonderful suggestions on how to save the bees and keep them doing what they do best.


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